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Schotanus Africa page, AIM, Congo/Uganda/Kenia, 1958 - 1965

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'Bika Mono Ve' / 'Pass me not', by Selah

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1958/59 Brussels Colonial Administration course

1958 preparations for Congo in Brussels with Jan ter Braak

1958 Koloniale opleiding Belgisch_Kongo in Brussel

1958 Brussel

1959 Off to Belgian Congo

1959 Flying with Sabena to Stanleyville, their last profitable year

1959 broertjes van Amsterdam naar Stanleyville. Sabena's enig winstgevend jaar

1959 DeHavilland Comet, naar Stanleyville

1959 van Stanleyville naar Bunia

1960 to Aru in Belgian Congo

1959 our house in Aru, Congo, later burned during the unrest

1959 our house in Aru, Congo

1959 our house in Aru, Congo, later burned down

1959 art class at our house in Aru, Congo

1959 art class at our house in Aru, Congo

1959 River baptisms, Aru, Congo

1959 River baptisms, Aru, Congo

1959 Church conference, Aru, Congo

1959 Church music, Aru, Congo

1959 huis met veranda, Aru, Congo

1959 Jan David, Aru, Congo

1959 Aru, Congo

1959 tropenbedje, Aru, Congo

1959 Sunday walk, Aru, Congo

1959 life on the Veranda, Aru, Congo

1959 Aru, Congo

1959 Girl homes, Aru, Congo

1960 our house in Aru, Congo

1960 Adi Bibleschool with Dave Richardson (director Pete Stam), COngo

1960 Aru, Congo

1960 Aru Anthill, Congo

1960 Art Students, Aru, Congo

1960 800 seat church Aru, Congo

1960 church service Aru, Congo

1960 music in church Aru, Congo

1960 Church elders, Aru, Congo

1960 Daniels fans, Aru, Congo

1960 Daniel three wheeling, Aru, Congo

1960 Daniel on Anthill, Aru, Congo

1960 ducks, Aru, Congo

1960 Evening walk, Aru, Congo

1960 picknick in Aru Congo

1960 transport in the bush, Aru, Congo

1960 February Aru, Congo

1960 our pet, a Goat, Aru, Congo

1960 for a stroll around our house in Aru

1960 friends Aru, Congo

1960 June, Aru, Congo

1960, Aru, Congo

1960 Becker, Dix, Schotanus kids, Aungba, Congo

1960 Oct Daniel's keen eye for Africa, Aru Congo

1960 Oct, Aru Congo

1960 Nov, livestock

1960 Aru, Congo

1960 picknick by our house in Aru, Congo

1960 picknick by our house in Aru, Congo

1960 Sept, Aru, Congo

1960 toys, Aru COngo

1960 Students in Aru, Congo

1960 teachers

1960 Austin & Betty Paul

1960 pig, Aru, Congo

1960 VW, Aru, Congo

1960 Aru Wedding Juli, Congo

1960 Becker's house, Congo

1960 Becker's family, Carlos, Peggy, Congo

1960 Chicklets, Congo

1960 Uncle Jack Litchfield, 40yr missionary veteran

1960 collecting ants for food, Congo

1960 Daniel holding up the world

1960 donkey, Congo

1960 Eddie Schuit's Bibleschool

1960 Eddy & Nellie Schuit, Congo

1960 annual grass fires, Congo

1960 Hut inspection with Daniel

1960 Aungba cowskinner, Congo

1960 Aungba school class

1960 Manioc fields, with teacher training school in background, Congo

1960, May, Congo

1960 Mieke and Ms Laura Bell

1960 Mom cooking outside, Congo

1960 Mr Paul saying goodbye to Congo

1960, anthill, Congo

1960 park lion, Congo

1960 school class, Congo

1960_Congo Uganda Sudan tricountry point with Pete Stam

1960 VW van, Congo

1960, July, Congo Independence from Belgium

1960 Vive Le Kongo Independant

1960 Congo demonstration

1960 Congo practicing independence

1960 Congo practicing the national anthem

1960 Goodbye to the old boss

1960 Hello to the new boss

1960, Dec, UN ministers visit

1960, Dec, UN troops, Congo

1960, Dec, UN troops, Congo

1960 UN & police without weapons due to dispute with army, Aru, Congo

1960 UN Cargo Plane, Blackburn B-101 Beverley C1

1960 trip to AIM hospital in Kuluva, Arua, Uganda

1960 Uganda, and then there were three

1960 our house in Uganda

1960 Jaap born in Uganda

1960 Kuluva, Uganda

1960 bananas in Kuluva, Uganda

1960 picknick, Uganda

1960 Back to Aru, Congo

1961, Sept, Congo Aungba

Carl Becker's biography, Bunia, Congo, see below

Carl Becker's biography, Bunia, Congo, see below

1961 pygmies in the Ituri forest

1961 Dr Becker with pygmies in the Ituri forest

1961 pygmies in the Ituri forest

1961, Sept, Congo Aungba

1961, Sept, Congo Aungba

1961 Evacuation to Kenya

1961 AIM church foundation ceremony in Litein, Kenya

1961 African huts, Litein, Kenya

1961 Church Litein, Kenya

1961 Bwana Joop teaching in Litein, Kenya

1961 cistern, Litein, Kenya

1961, Febr, Mom in Litein, Kenya

1961 pineapple, Litein, Kenya

1961 Washing & wringing, Litein, Kenya

1961 Kenya park

1961 Kenya park

1961 Kenya park

1961 Kenya park

1961 Kenya park

1961 School in Litein, Kenya

1961 Joop & Mieke and kids

late 1961 Back to Aungba in Congo, to test the 'peace'

1961 on the way back to Congo after the riots

1961 Uganda Equator

1961 Lake Victoria with Carol at Kisumu, Uganda

1961 Lake Victoria with Carol at Kisumu, Uganda

1962 Congo Aungba

1962 diploma ceremony Aungba, Congo

1962 Evelyn teaching Class, Aungba, Congo

1962 Muriel teaching Class, Aungba, Congo

1962 our house in Aungba Congo

1962 Jaap bevriendt een neushoorn (rhino)

1962 Rukema's class, Augnba, Congo

1962 teacher school in Aungba, Congo

1962 teacher school in Aungba, Congo

1962 Art Project with flanel, Congo

1962 Congo

1962 Jeannette born in AIM mission hospital in Kuluva, Uganda, across the border

1962 Jeannette born in Uganda, pearl of Africa

1962 DC3 East African Airlines back to Holland

1963 On furlough, back to Kenya in 1964

1964 Kenya lion

1964 Kenya giraffe

1964 Kenya impala

1964 Rethy (Congo) MK School get together in Kenya

1964 cooking class, Kenya

1964 Kapsowar wedding, Kenya, complete stranger on the left

1964 Kapsowar wedding, Kenya, note steep hills, el. over 9000 ft

1964 Kapsowar wedding, Kenya, with a bridal LandRover

1964 from Nairobi to Eldoret

1965 Hill School emblem, Eldoret, Kenya

1965 Hill School uniforms at boarding school, Eldoret, Kenya

1965 with Hill School dorm mates Jonny Pienaar & John Alloway

1965 Hostel mates: Kathy, Jonny, Beth & Tim Pienaar, Rosemary McClure, Andrew, Kevin & Hillary McMinn, John, Philip &Alison Alloway

1965 with Hill School dorm mates Pienaars, Kevin McMinn, John Alloway

1965 back of the house in Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 Jaap Jeannette & Hans in Kapsowar, Kenya

place holder

1965 Chebara Highschool Soccer Team, Kenya

1965 Chebara highschool principal Joop, with bibles from the MULO Doesburg

1965 Eldoret GZB Peter Stam visit, at Jaap Tichelaar's, at left

1965 hut in Kenya

1965 Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 grand view from Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 fine view from Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 calving in Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 chores, Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 Kapsowar, elder Job and his wife, Kenya

1965 Kenia, Kapsowar, East African Safari

1965 Kenia, Kapsowar, East African Safari

1965 Kenia, Kapsowar, East African Safari

1965 end of school celebration, Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 Kapsowar friends

1965 Masai in Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 steep mountain descent from Kapsowar to river, Kenya

1965 visiting missionary ladies in Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 water pump in river, at Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 river in valley at Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 Samuel in Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 sportsday in Kapsowar, Kenya

1965 Kenya missionaries

1965 Dr Findlay Kapsowar

1965 Sportsday, Kenya

1965 teachers and AIM elders, Kapsowar, Kenya

1965, Dec 12, going home, where the heart (also) lies

Books by or about the AIM and other missions

"Central Africa Revisited: a 16,000 Mile Tour Throughout the Fields of the Africa Inland Mission in Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, Congo, Sudan and Egypt" by by Miller, Daniel Morrison, Publ. by Africa Inland Mission, London, 1938

"Seeking Kenya's Treasures: The Life of Charles F. Johnston, Pioneer Missionary of the Africa Inland Mission" by Nystrom, Gertude Hill Publ. by Zondervan 1942

"Another Hand on Mine" the story about Dr Carl K. Becker of the Africa Inland Mission, by William J. Petersen Publ. by McGrawHill 1967 / Zondervan edition 1970

"Garden of Miracles" (the story of AIM) by Kenneth Richardson Publ. by Africa Inland Mission London 1968

"Faster beats the Drum" by Gladys Stauffacher Publ. by Africa Inland Mission 1977, foreword by Ed Arensen

"Change, my thirty-five years in Africa" by Pete Brashler, ISBN-13: 9780842302203, Publ. by Tyndale House Publishers 1979

"Called to Africa: Thirty-Five Years in Central Africa" by Chester Scott, ISBN-13: 9780874832976, Publ. by August House Publishers 1993

"We felt like grasshoppers" by Dick Anderson (Dr. RJD Anderson) Publ. by Crossway Books Nottingham 1994 (foreword by George Verwer)

Related books:

"Drums in the Darkness" by John T. Tucker, a pioneer missionary in Angola around 1880 Publ. United Church of Canada

"Angola Beloved" by Ernest T. Wilson, a pioneer missionary in pre-mechanised days in Angola around 1900 Publ. by Loizeaux brothers, Inc, 1967, ISBN 0-87213-961-1

"Out of Assa, the heart of Africa" by Glenn W Geelhoed MD, on medical relief in rebel-torn Congo (Zaire) Publ. Three Hawks Publ LC 1998

Available online, some for only $2 plus shipping, check under Used Books (= B&N BargainBooks)

other popular African book reads of the colonial period

Belgium and the Congo, 1885-1980 - Guy Vanthemsche (Eng)

Congo - De impact van de kolonie op Belgie - Guy Vanthemsche (Dutch)

view from Kapsowar

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