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Angola family trees and Family History

the "India" which took Madeirans to Angola in 1884

Roque-Rodrigues family roots in Madeira

the largest Elephant on record, shot with Jose Rodrigues' Rigby 416

Fernando da Costa Angola History website

da Costa Angola family tree

Angola homepage

Colonist Settler Guides 1891 (in Portuguese)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Africa Intro, CH1 (Port.)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Cabo Verde ,Guine, Sao Thome E Principe CH2 (Port.)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Angola, CH2 (Port.)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Mocambique, CH2 (Port.)

NEW 1891 Colonists guide to Africa, subject Hygene CH3 (Port.)

Related Angola settler picture sites - Down memory lane

Nhamalanda - Our Story site (from Madeira to Angola)

Lubango / Sa da Bandeira page (Port.)

Sanzal Angola, Main Page (Port.) - site NOT working

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Angola Ecology

the once-thought-extinct Swierstra’s Francolin in Angola

on the need to conserve threatened highland habitat of Angola's Mount Moco

the Giant Sable Antilope - Palanca Negra Gigante, ref. 'A certain curve of Horn' by Walker

List of Birds of Angola

site with bird calls, pictures and videos

a 1915 write-up of South West Africa, by William Eveleigh, on Climate, Flora, Fauna, People

site with a view of Central African Fires

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some Angola History

Southern Angola Blog (in Portuguese)- Arrival of the Madeirans in 1884 to counter the Boers presence (since 1881) - Use Google translator

Origins of the peoples of Africa (1927, Tucker, Drums of Darkness)

1938 Map showing Angola mission stations (Tucker, Land Of the Blacksmith Prince)

Online Book: 1927 John T. Tucker 'Drums of Darkness' (Angola United Church Mission)

Benguela Railway 1935

Benguela Railway History (BBC)

Many Angola pre-1975 pictures- skyscrapercity blog

Large Collection of Angola pre-1975 pictures (many of Luanda)

Sport Clubs Mossamedes 1968 blog

Car Races in Mossamedes 1973 - memoriasdesportivas.blogspot

Angola Mossamedes Football - Soccer Pictures - memoriasdesportivas.blogspot

Large pre-1975 Google search Selection of Mossamedes Sports

Sa da Bandeira before 1975 - coisasdeantigamente-marr.blogspot

More Angola pre-1975 pictures, by C. Pires

Angola - Banco National history in Angola, buildings and money

Angola map with settlers pre-1975 placenames (see Angola maps further down)

New Angolan place names

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Some Angola Boer History

painting of the Great Trek by Gwen Bistro 'met die kreun van ossewa'

'The Story of South Africa' by Ridpath, Ellis 1899

1941 Brief history of the Dutch origins of South Afica, by Josef Marais, Intro to 'Songs from South Africa'

*** Download sheetmusic 'Songs from South Africa'***

1800s - earliest European encounters in Transvaal with tribes descending from the North

Pictures of Afrikaner Boers in Angola 1881 -1975

a 1-page history of Boer settlement in Angola (.doc)

Story of the 3 year Trek of the Dorsland Trekkers

a 1915 write-up of South West Africa, by William Eveleigh, on Climate, Flora, Fauna, People

site with some interesting Afrikaner Boers oxen transports in Angola from 100 years ago

site with pictures of where Afrikaner Boers used to live in Humpata, Angola

the Dorsland Trek shown on a SWA stamp

another site with pictures of Lubango where Afrikaner Boers used to live in Angola

1920 Big Plans by South Africa to irrigate southern Angola and the Kalahari

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Boer War History

Afrikanerhart (Bok van Blerk, YouTube)

Southern Angola Blog (in Portuguese)- Arrival of the Madeirans in 1884 to counter the Boers presence (since 1881) - Use Google translator

Exerpt from "Scramble for Africa", or how the Boers contributed to the dismantling of the British Empire

by Anthony Nutting, in his excellent description of "The scramble for Africa"

search for sale

"To the Bitter End": Description of the Boer tactics in outfighting the 5-fold strenth of the British forces 1899 - 1902

"To the Bitter End", by E. Lee

search for sale

"Louis Wessels Commando", youth book series

Google Books: de 2de Boerenoorlog / the Boer war, door W van Everdingen, 1902, 387 pag. online

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Angola handed to the new foreign masters

South Africa's military might

a quarter century of fighting the Soviets on the Northern border (Bok van Blerk, YouTube)

1961 Angola rebellion account

1975 Insider's View: Angola's Colonial War

1975 Angola communist takeover

1975 "refugees escaping the Angola hell" blog

'Retornados 1975' blog: one of the greatest seizures of wealth by communists

the new foreign masters in Angola, Cuba and Russia

another foreign master after 1975 in Angola

1981 Operation Protea: 2-week clean up of SWAPO (of the Ovambo tribe), who will lose over 10,000 terrorists in Angola in the following decade

1981 Captured Soviet Tanks in Angola during Operation Protea

1987 Battle of Mavinga, or how the South Africans contributed to the collapse of communism in 1989

doomed Soviet cold-war psychology (Truman's US Moscow Charge d'Affaire Kennan's prophetic analysis in 1946, by M. Truman)

1981-1988 South Africa's expedition force of a few thousand (2K to max 5K) - intervention in Angola against the strength of the Soviet empire

1988 Soviet materiel captured by South Africa in Angola

Cuba's communists proxy war in Angola, and its pullout ('its Vietnam') after its massive number of 10,000 dead

What really happened to the 400,000 Cubans in Angola

Captured Russian T-54 tanks in Angola

1975-88 - Cuba's massive intervention in Angola to bolster the Angolan communist regime of the northern Kimbundu tribe

Cuba's face-saving extrication from Angola

South Africa's SADF Infantry sweeping Cuban mines in Angola

All South African operations in Angola 1976 - 1989, and the 'stunning humiliation of the Soviets'

Spread of violence into SWA and South Africa

Soviet interference in South West Africa - Namibia

ANC's terrorist operations targeting public places

ANC reaping the violence in SA that it sowed

National Review: Marxism, Mandela, the ANC 'human rights' and the 300,000+ dead Africans

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Angola Missions news

Read this Online book: 1927 John T. Tucker 'Drums of Darkness' (Angola United Church Mission)

1874 Robert H Nassau 'Crowned in Palm land', (an online) Story of African Mission life, Memoir of Mary C. Nassau

1900 -1967 - Dr David Strangway: 'Benefits of Missions Medical Research in Angola'

1923-1943 - Alexander Kemp ' 20 Years of Medical Missionary work in Africa' (Malange, Angola)

C.J. Rooney - a Catholic view of Portuguese Missions of Angola

Missionary biographies, Dondi, Angola

Angola Memorial Scholarship Fund (Dondi)

Help rebuild Dondi, Angola (video)

Live Angola Google map, from ILEP Leprocy mission website Angola

a secular study of Christian Missions at Dondi, Angola

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Some Angola Blogs (Port.)

Extensive Angola vintage picture, mostly Luanda, on FaceBook

Southern Angola Blog (in Portuguese)- Arrival of the Madeirans in 1884 to counter the Boers presence (since 1881)

Angola pre-1975 pictures by Angolano

Southern Angola Blog - with pictures of early 1900s - antigamente1900.blogspot.com

princesa-do-namibe.blogspot - Angola Mossamedes Blog - with pictures of 1960s

Angola Mossamedes Blog - with pictures of Alumni Students and Professors of the 1960s

Angola pre-1975 Schools and Students site

princesa-do-namibe.blogspot - Angola Mossamedes Blog - Tiger Bay, Baia dos Tigres history

Vintage Lighthouses of Angola

Vintage Portuguese-style Porcelain Tiles of Angola

Railway foto blog from Mossamedes - fotosnamibe.blogspot.com

Angola - the effort in Africa of the Great War of 1914-1918 remembered

Angola - the Dorsland Trek and Grootfontein

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Old Southern Africa Maps

great East-Africa site with 'Trains, Planes, Ships, and Automobiles'

Good 'Memories of Rhodesia' auction site

view also: Africa maps

Vintage Africa maps

Oranje Vrijstaat / Transvaal / South African Republic maps

1885 map of South Africa's independent republics

1895 map of the Independent South African Republic (Transvaal)

1895 map of the Independent Transvaal Republic and Oranje Vrijstaat

1902 map of the South Africa Colony after the Boer war

1972 map of the Republic of South Africa

Angola Maps

1691 Conquest of Angola and St Tome

Angola Maps

1757 Angola Carte des Royaumes de Congo Angola et Benguelaby JN Bellin

1900 Detailed map of Angola

1902 Map of Angola

1912 Angola map showing Benguela railway

1960s Angola regional map

Congo Free State / Belgian Congo Maps

1900 map of Congo state

1912 map of Belgian Congo

South West Africa maps - Namibia

map of Damara and Great Namaqua Land, by Galton and Andersson, mid-1800s

1915 South Africa defeats Germany during WW1

1886 Afrikaner 'Republic of Upingtonia' map (near Grootfontein, SWA-Namibia)

1900 Voelkerkarte / People / Tribal map SW Africa

1900 Vegetationskarte / Vegetation map SW Africa

1900 German school map of South West Africa

1902 detail of German map of South West Africa

1909 map of South West Africa by Sir Edward Hertslet

1913 Detailed Map of German South West Africa, by Dietrich Reimer, hi-res (German)

1940s Map of SWA by Nala Cook

1972 Map of Southern Africa

South West Africa books/articles

Report: 'Exploration and Discoveries during four Years of Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa', mid-1800s, CJ Andersson

Report: 'Narrative of an Explorer in South Africa' (includes 'visit to Damaraland in 1851'), 1890, by Francis Galton

Report: 'Expedition to Ovampoland', Ch7, P79, 1850, Francis Galton

article - Germans in northern SWA - Kooperation und Konfrontation am Kavango 1891-1921 Andreas Eckl (auf Deutch, in German, pdf, 1.5MB)

South West Africa tribal history - die BergDama - Heindrich Vedder (German, 1923)

'The Native Tribes of South West Africa' by CHL Hahn, L. Foure, H. Vedder (English, 1928)

Article - South-West Africa -The Factual Background (English) 1946 pdf, 1.6MB)

Africa map, per Colony

1914 Colonial map of Africa

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Angola Stamps

pre 1975 Angolan Stamps

the Portuguese empire (stamps)

Southern Angola - Old Huila postage (stamps)

a century of Angola Postcards

pre-1975 Angolan Postcards

South Africa Sheetmusic

1941 Brief history of the Dutch origins of South Afica, by Josef Marais, Intro to 'Songs from South Africa'

*** Download sheetmusic 'Songs from South Africa'***

South African sheetmusic page

some Angolan tunes

some Angolan tunes

Angolan Merengues on Orlando's accordeon

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